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Free books (Borders) - 25 Assorted Romance (Dorchester, Harlequin, Samhain) [US-only]

So I went to the Borders site to see if I could clear an issue up, and it turns out they have even more time-limited promo free books. Which of course they never bother advertising via their frequent email newsletters.

I'm starting to wonder out just what I've been missing out on, if this isn't a new development.

So anyways, the latest batch, said to be a 1-week promo. Some of them are repeat freebies from other stores, but many are new. It's a mix of Dorchester, Samhain, and Harlequin stuff, most available as ePub, but some only as PDF or as text via their Borders Reader app.

Here is the direct link to Borders' A Gift For You: Free Romance For Borders Customers page from which you can pick up all 25.

Thanks, Borders! Vous aussi, Dorchester, Samhain, and Harlequin.

Since their site tends to be a bit lacking in detail, some descriptions below. I am not particularly familiar with genre romance, so all categories are my approximations based on looking at the blurbs. Feel free to offer corrections if I've gotten something really wrong.

Firstly, I've read that Samhain, Kobo, and Borders will be partnering to offer 10 free titles as an October treat. With the link for the 25 above, Borders has gotten in on most of it, and it's just a matter of time before Kobo does, so I'll list and link their versions of the books that are supposed to be part of the promo here, for ease of future finding.

Expect these to be on the erotic side and don't miss reading the warnings.

Single Couple Get-Togethers

The Ghost Exterminator, by Vivi Andrews. Supernatural w/aristocratic familial curses. Looks standalone.

Trey, 1st in Red Hot & Blue series by Cat Johnson. Military w/mission, and possibly missionary position.

Collision Course, #2 in Florida series by K. A. Mitchell. Gay w/healthcare workers, previously free @ Amazon and B&N.

Crazed Hearts, #3 in Grimm's Circle series by Shiloh Walker. Paranormal w/angels and demons; I Thought It Was You, a short story which fits just before this, is currently free @ Amazon and B&N.

Multiple Partner Relationships

Colters' Woman, prequel to Colters' series by Maya Banks. Familial ménage. Colters' Wife, a sequel novella to this, is currently free @ B&N and Amazon.

Long Hard Ride, by Lorelei James. Cowboy ménage, possibly w/bondage.

Hara's Legacy, 1st in Resonance Mates series by Bianca d'Arc. Sci-fi familial cowboy ménage w/aliens.

Some Sort of Werewolf Pack/Mate Stuff I'm Not Even Going to Try to Figure Out the Dynamics Of

Standoff, 5th in Cascadia Wolves series by Lauren Dane. Paranormal.

Wolf Signs, 1st in Granite Lake Wolves series by Vivian Arend. Aussi Paranormal, eh? Previously free @ Amazon.

A Safe Harbor, 1st in Building Sanctuary series by Moira Rogers. You weren't seriously thinking this was anything other than Paranormal, were you? Cry Sanctuary, which looks to be set in the same universe, was previously offered free @ Amazon and B&N.

As for the non-Samhain special promo books, 2 of them are already available free at Kobo, and you can find them direct-linked, along with 20+ other still-free-at-Borders-when-I-checked-just-now assorted Romance & Thriller freebies (Dorchester set now expired, though you can still get some other titles listed) in my earlier post here.

The rest of the current batch as follows:

Historical Romance

Distracting the Duchess, by Emily Bryan. Victorian duchess and her nude-model spy.

To Tempt a Knight, by Gerri Russell. Sir William Keith and the First Crusades!

The Wicked House of Rohan, by Anne Stuart. Novella prequel to the House of Rohan series. Currently free at B&N, Amazon, Harlequin if I recall correctly.

Paranormal Romance

Shadow Bound, 1st in Shadow series by Erin Kellison. Previously free @ B&N. Banshee vs. demons in this one.

Sin's Daughter, by Eve Silver. Prequel to her Otherkin series. Immortals, soul reapers, and the Underworld.

The Magic Knot, Helen Scott Taylor. May actually be merely Psychic Romance, due to absence of any supernatural critters. But it's got Tarot cards in it, so close enough.

Marked, by Elizabeth Naughton. 1st in a series whose name I do not remember and am too lazy to look up. But it's got Greek gods in it. Previously free @ B&N and Amazon.

Sunrise In A Garden Of Love & Evil , by Barbara Monajem. I was expecting this to be set in Savannah, as a riff on the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" book, but no, it's vampires in Louisiana.

Historical Paranormal Romance

Double Enchantment, by Kathryne Kennedy. Victorian w/were-stallion. The 1st book in this series, the one with the were-lion, is still free @ B&N, possibly also Amazon.

The Strangely Beautiful Tale Of Miss Percy Parker, Leanna Renee Hieber. 1st in a series. More Victorian: beautiful albino at academy w/ghosts and prophecy. Previously free @ B&N. Currently free audiobook serialization also available via "the Dorchester 20 link" contained inside the "also free @ Kobo and Borders link" given way above.

Romantic Comedy

Fiancé at Her Fingertips, by Kathleen Bacus. Apparently you can order "boyfriend-in-a-box", which sounds like a euphemism for "battery-operated boyfriend".

Weddings Can Be Murder, by Christie Craig. Standalone and previously free @ B&N. A serial killer targets brides. I've actually read this one, and while the whodunnit motivation is kind of clichéd and weak, the awkward oh-no-I'm-with-the-wrong-partner!-swapping relationship fumblings are quite funny indeed.

Romantic Thriller

Fade the Heat, by Colleen Thompson. Romantic thriller w/firefighter and doctor: together, they fight personal demons! Presumably not literal ones, since this doesn't look like a paranormal.

I Can't Tell From A Quick Look Where This Belongs

Sister of the Bride, by Susan Mallery. Could be contemporary or historical. But when the heroine's sister is marrying the heroine's ex, and it looks like the heroine's also doing the wedding planning, I don't think that's a recipe for a happy family relationship. Unless it's those pesky ambiguous possessive pronouns at work again.

Lord of Devil Isle, by Connie Mason. The Bermuda privateer description hints "historical", the cover image hints "we saw that classic film rolling-around-on-a-beach scene in 'From Here to Eternity' and are doing our own post-modern re-enactment, now with fewer clothes!". You decide.

Rapture's Tempest, by Bobbi Smith. Another ambiguous one. She disguises herself as a cabin boy and there's a riverboat. Probably historical, but you never know.

The River Nymph, by Shirl Henke. Another one with a riverboat. A mighty modern-looking riverboat.

I think th-th-th-that's all, folks! Enjoy.

No wait, there's another: As Luck Would Have It, another historical romance with spies in it, this time a Regency by Alissa Johnson. Courtesy of Dorchester, for whom I hope the move to e-book publishing works out well for them and their authors, especially if they're going to continue giving stuff away for free promo.

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