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I have spent enough time searching online and begging for help with this device in this forum. That is it! I am done with it.

I have dumped jetbook/libre and bought a Kindle 3 at $139 with wifi and 6" screen. I couldn't be happier with it ever since. It supports Chinese natively and works even better with Dokan system which is completely free and supports Kindle wonderfully and seamlessly (Google Kindle Dokan). It took me more than a week to get my Kindle even I ordered two days shipping because the product was so hot that it was sold out again and again. Amazon can hardly come up with the demand. Comparing with Kindle on features, looking, design, chinese support, easy of use, Libre can only eat dusts.

It was such a waste of time, money and effort on libre and Jetbook. I so regret it. I wish I tried Kindle earlier.

If you come to this page for Jetbook or Libre through google search. Gave yourself a break, get a Kindle 3! You will see how wonderful it is.
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