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H2 Tags

Originally Posted by ldolse View Post

Also note preprocessing won't build the TOC, it just finds the most common types of chapter headings and wraps h2 tags around them, but the xpath for chapter detection still needs to match the contents of those h2 tags.
Just started with Calibre and for the TOC generation I got stucked the same as described here. I also have a fundamental problem understanding the logic of the preprocessing and XHTML conversion:

If not even the preprocessor can detect chapter headings whats the point of a full fledged XPath Processor? And if h2 tags are inserted by the preprocessor why do then still need XPath to "modify" found h2 tags? For what purpose..??

My ASCII Text Testbook also ends up in one or two <p> blocks without any recognition of chapter headlines.. am I stucked now?
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