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Originally Posted by lyceum View Post
My irex 1000s is working normally (1.71 as well as 2.0 rc3). But startup is only possible by reset. Pressing the normal startup button results in blinking leds but in no display operation. It seems like the device is starting up normally but just without a working display. Is there some "full reset" (how do I perform this) or some other way to solve this problem?
There are at least two different resets, although I am not sure what the difference is. The normal reset is just pressing the reset button as you are already doing to power up. Apparently, there is also a more extensive reset by holding the reset button for some time. However, I have seen different durations mentioned in the forums, the shortest being 5 seconds and the longest being 30 seconds (which sound awfully long for doing a reset). I think one of the developers (Gert-Jan perhaps) mentioned something like 5 seconds not too far back, but I don't remember any details.

I suggest holding the reset button for over 5 seconds. If that doesn't solve the issue, you might try longer (until over 30 seconds). If that doesn't work, I am out of ideas.

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