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bmf began at the beginning.
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ok thanks. I'm working through this thread:;topic=33973.0

and thinking that:

1. If I jailbreak it includes an sshd so usbnet isn't required as I can just telnet / ssh straight in
2. lots of people have used this update

One more question - if something bad happens - lets say I apply the update then do something silly that causes the boot to fail after a reset - is there a factory default fs image that I can fall back on via a factory reset (which IIRC is 30 second power switch)? Or is it possible to brick this thing? I'm assuming the latter....

Also I'm a bit confused on what this hack relies upon. It seems the --ex switch is no longer used in so instead it simply overwrites /mnt/us/usbnet/bin/usbnetwork with the custom script in /test/bin/usbnetwork. So the tricky bit is in signing the files and bunde? Forgive me - I'm learning python and although it reads quite well and kindle_update_tool is well commented I may have misinterpreted this.
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