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Kindle 3.0.1 firmware and usbNetwork


apologies if these are silly questions. I've read this thread:

but I'm left unsure where people are at with this.

I'm on firmware 3.0.1, uk 3g version. ~exec ls gives no output. I figure this is because I didn't get a version where the testing wasn't wiped correctly.

I'm after getting sshd up and running. Is the only known way to achieve this to install usbnet by spoofing an amazon update?

How many people are using this? Anyone successfully run this against uk 3g 3.0.1?

Also I'm trying this against windows XP. Prior to any update should I be able to get ethernet working over the USB cable? When I use:


Then plug back in my usb cable I don't see any additional network adapters etc.

I have a linux box running in my loft but I'd rather do this from my windows laptop if I can, but if not I'll get up that ladder....

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