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The problem with using a browser is that it makes it difficult to navigate through a large library. Unless there's capability I'm just not aware of from the web.

With 1000's of books, you have to rely on search and sort. That can be rather tedious.

With the OPDS feed, I can go in and browse by newest, title, author, series (a big hit). That's not easy to do via the web.

I thought Ibis was going to be the solution, I'd forgotten to list that one. It's pretty nice, but it to has the scrolling issue. Books are paginated, they're broken into chapters. So you scroll through each chapter, then have to click the next/prev link to switch chapters.

Mind you, it works. But you can just "click" to go to the next page. So your immersion is occasionally broken because you have to look to see if you should be scrolling, my how much, and if you need to find the "next" link.

What's worse is the lack of a bookmark. It remembers the chapter you were reading, but since there's no "page", it doesn't know where you were in the chapter. This is the same issue I run into with the Firefox based readers.

The search continues... FBreader seems like it should be able to do it, if I can just figure out how.

Is there some form of list of "urls" the content server knows, or documentation on it?

I wasn't even aware of the /opds and /stanza paths. /opds was the trick to getting Aldiko to work. Likewise, I just discovered through experimenting, that /xml works. Are there any others?
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