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Unhappy Calibre OPDS server with windows apps?

I'm using Calibre's content server to host my library. While it all works fine via web browsers, I'd prefer it to be more integrated into some of our readers.

Just last night I discovered how to get Aldiko to work with the opds feed. So that solved my "mobile" issue. The kids use Stanza on their ipods, we use Aldiko on our phones. (btw, if anyone knows how to make aldiko work with a password protected library, would be nice to know. I think it's bugged, and I've contacted Aldiko about this)

I also have a Tablet PC running Windows 7 that I'm now trying to find a nice solution to. I'm still amazed that there's such poor ereader apps for Windows.

I want something that will work with Calibre's OPDS feed for grabbing new books from my library. To that end, I've been hacking around at a number of apps, but not making any progress. Since there's such knowledgable folks here, I'm hoping someone else has already cracked this nut and has a solution they can share.

Blio reader. Pretty, and can convert an epub to XPS (and triple it's size in the process!!) I was hoping since it knew how to talk to feedbooks opds feed, I could hijack that to point it to my own. I can't see where that's configured though. Such potential in this reader too.

FBreader. Looks like it should work. I found the various "library" xml files, but haven't come up with the magic to get it to parse the calibre server.

Mobipocket Reader. Probably my prefered choice. I think it supports opds, and it looks like the magic lies in the stores.xml file, but again, no luck yet.

Lucidor.. Horrible touch support, not very finger friendly for reading. I don't want to "scroll" pages, and then "next" chapter.

Epubreader firefox plugin, same as lucidor, which isn't suprising since they both use firefox.

Anyone know of any tricks to make any of these readers talk to the Calibre OPDS server? I considered Calibre2OPDS, but I don't think that would solve anything, since I still need to figure out how to get the readers to pull the data.
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