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I'm sorry; I chose the 99.99999% number arbitrarily. I think I might have overstated it. Maybe take away a few 9's and you'll have a generous guess of the number of people who understand the extent to which Amazon is gathering personal information. There is no doubt that it is a tiny fraction of owners, and the people who visit this board are among the few. What you read, where you go, at what time, the notes you write, all of this information is cataloged and property of Amazon, and this only became known by hacking the software. It's ridiculous to dispute that very few users are aware of this.

Amazon could be open about it, but they have chosen to hide the fact.

The whole "you can't complain because it's in the the ToS" crap - it's tiring. Whether Amazon covered their ass legally was never a point of the discussion. Most people don't read the terms of service because it isn't worth their time, nor can they necessarily parse dense and confusing legal text. This doesn't make you superior to them. Diap, as you have so smugly made clear, you believe that people should silence their criticism of Amazon if they technically haven't violated the law. This is, in my humble view, 1) irresponsibly dismissive of (ever-increasing) corporate encroachment on personal privacy 2) retarded. That something is legal does not mean it is right or acceptable.
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