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Web-page uploading to Kindle(DX)

Hello all. I have some free time now and I just got my Kindle DX Graphite, so here is some questions from a web-developer.
Some times I feel like there is a need to have a software that can save a page that I'm currently reading on my desktop and upload it on my kindle so I can read it later. Currently I'm using for this purpose, but this one requires to manually download resulting .pdf and upload it to the kindle. So it can be nice to have some sort of bookmarklet or so that can upload a page with a single click via USB or by mail. And here is a questions:
-do you need a software like this?
-what features do you like to see in this software?
-what format do you prefer? .pdf, .jpg (which looks exactly as in your browser) or .mobi (with the webpage's text only)?
-would you pay for this software? for some features?
sorry for my english, I'm not a native
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