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Originally Posted by yokos View Post
Yesterday I thought a while what to add/change on my XBoard port.
Why doesn't work the menu? I open a menu branch with stylus but can't click on a entry because the menu disappeared.
Oh man, sometimes I'm so stupid. It's XBoard not GTKBoard.
The menu of XBoard behaves like all other X apps on the world!
Click on a menu branch and HOLD the left mouse key, move the mouse cursor to desireable entry and release left mouse key.
It's the same on iLIad:
# Click with stylus on menu brach & keep stylus on screen
# menu appears
# move stylus on desireable entry
# lift stylus

Please wait for a new XBoard version.
# state-of-the-art-installer [for all memories, stripped libraries]
# new chess engine Phalanx, which has got a adjustable strength
# Bug: some dialogs open as fullscreen dialog. I will be fixed.

screenshot: "About XBoard" with engine Phalanx
How did you port Phalanx? I tried to compile it with iRex SDK but it gave me an error like "unrecognized option -Qq" or something like that.
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