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Well, I can speak from experience of owning an iPod Touch 2G and a 4G that the retina screen makes a huge difference in reading comfort. Small fonts that were almost impossible to discern on the 2G are quite legible on the 4. Not only that, but your eyes pick up the grid of pixels on the lower res screen. Sometimes, it looks like the screen sparkles. Even when this happens subconsciously, it still gives you eye strain. The retina screen on the other hand tires my eyes no more than printed paper. In fact, many times it is a superior experience if I have to read in dim lighting conditions. The only disadvantage of reading on the iPod Touch 4G is the screen size. My hope is that the reason Apple is reducing the iPad screen to 7" is so can they can produce a retina screen for it. Sure, a 10" retina screen would be even nicer, but I know that is certainly too cost prohibitive to mass produce at this time.
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