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Originally Posted by 3dusty View Post
May I make a request please. My knowledge of way too limited, so I appreciate all help. I read the help manual and added the feed. This will download the index to the articles but not the articles, just the links to the webpage articles.

I've read and tried different things and looked at different examples and I'm still so lost.
What I'm trying for is IRS Watch at

Thank you so much.
I would say use Tamperdata and try to figure out what it is sending in the browser compaired to calibre.
I have been trying to figure it out myself but I am almost totally in the dark when using Tamperdata and mechanize. Would be great if someone with more knowledge would do this recipe so I can see what was done. Don't know if it needs a cookie, an accept, or a header or all the above but that's where I'm gonna guess the issue is at.
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