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Originally Posted by athlonkmf View Post
Looking at this I'd say ipad pretty much has drawing covered...


That's a question you have to think over. What made the iPad so succesful? Apple fanboys only account for a couple of millions, so no matter what people tell you, that's not the reason.

Could it be the speed and usability? Or the apps available for it? Or the 10+ hours usage time? Or the 9,7"4:3-ratio IPS screen? instant on? Or maybe the combination of all these reasons? Don't know, don't care. I just knows it works better than my old tablet.
Thanks for the urls, I looked at them. Please look at demos of OneNote usage on a Tablet PC with a Wacom digitizer, the iPad bears no comparison. Firstly I can rest my hand on the tablet PC screen rather than having to hover over it. Mostly though I get responsive inking with pen nib resolution. The various iPad videos you reference show a noticable lag between stroking and the line being displayed, while resoultion seems to be at the finger rather than pen-nib level.

It sounds like the iPad suits your needs, It does not suit mine and does not match the level of stylus support I currently get from a tablet PC or slate.

My question about the suitability of an iPad in an Enterprise IT environment stands. I have used a tablet pc in a work environment and in government related work as a replacement for a paper notebook, I can't say I would be confident using an iPad in the same way.
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