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Originally Posted by Barcey View Post
Now that people have had the reader for a few days what's at the top of your list for additional features for the next release? Personally I'm really happy with it but would like to see the following:

1) Landscape orientation available in Mobipocket reader. It would let me alternate between using my left and right thumbs for page turns.

2) Faster boot time. I'm getting 27 seconds not the claimed 20 seconds. I'd also like the option of powering on to where I was reading rather then the library.

3) Delete button working to remove books after I've read them.

I've also seen suggestions of allowing the volume buttons "+" and "-" to be programed for other functions. Page turn or zoom in zoom out.

Any others?
i also have the sony 505 and like the features on it.
- the ability to search in the library by title, author, date etc.
- the + and - to turn pages would be a nice option.
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