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epub-fix command line tool

Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
First thing you need to do is stop asking the same question in multiple posts within an hour of each other. I answered this question for you in the first place you asked. Did you think you would get the answer quicker by creating multiple posts or did you just want to annoy folks?

For the benefit of the others in this thread.

Epub fix is a command line tool for fixing valid and invalid errors that pop up in the epub check validation program, read up on it here.
When I use the command line tool as epub-fix --epubcheck test.epub, I get an error message stating that --epubcheck is not a valid option.

By the way, I did not make a double post to annoy anyone. I thought the other post was in the wrong place. I'm trying to learn all of this and I will make mistakes. I do not think your response was warranted.
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