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So you have a Kindle. Pros/Cons

List what you believe is the Pros and Cons with the Kindle. For me its...

  • The screen - I love the screen
  • Ease of use and the Amazon store
  • Weight
  • The amazing amount of books that you can have with 3GB
  • Wifi is nice
  • Battery life - Really amazing
Cons (I will go into detail about these so you can see my reasoning)
  • Supported formats - I know that we are really in the beginning of ebooks and there readers and every manufacture is drawing a line in the sand as the format that is used and will be the standard but I would really like to see more supported formats like lit and epub being the big names here
  • Web Browser - I wish this was a bit better and I know its an ebook reader but I believe that this will be better with the updates so its not a big deal
  • The SDK - Really amazon you can release it. There is a reason that Apple and Android has so many apps its because they released the kit
  • Screensavers - They are neat for about 5 minutes but I would like to see a way to change them without hacking
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