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Originally Posted by desertgrandma View Post
Welcome to MobileRead, thebelljar

Excuse the manner less bypassing of salutations.

Before you dismiss the Sony for its lack of Wifi, consider exactly why it is you want wifi for. I've got the PRS600 and I bought it particularly for its lack of Wifi.
WiFi is needed to access Ebrary, if there is no device that works with it then I will consider the Sony.

You should go for the Sony PRS-650 (not the 600).
It's so much better even without Wifi. And it works well with public libraries.
Doin't know about Ebrary
See above, you can only access Ebrary content online, it's not downloadable.

I contacted them asking them about it, this is the reply I got

Hello there,

ebrary content is streamed and is not available for direct download. This means
that ebook readers that require a downloadable file will not be able to access
ebrary content. However, devices that have a built in web browser that has
JavaScript enabled will be able to view ebrary content using ebrary’s
QuickView. iPhones/iPads/iPods will work just fine. We are working on improving
our User Interface for mobile devices.

Kind regards,
So what I need to know is:

Does the Nook browser support Javascript?

Are the people at NookDev working towards another way of softrooting it?

If I order one now, will I get the version that cannot be softrooted?

Will I have to settle for a Kindle?

Oh yea, another thing..Does it come with a wall charger?

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