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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
On the issue of command line merge, how do you plan to identify the merge records? The GUI merge takes the selection made by the user for source and destination records, finds the book ids to access the records in the library and goes from there. If you have the book ids, you can use the code from the command line (calibre.library.database2 import LibraryDatabase2) with calibre-debug -c or -e. Give me the record ids and I can give you the command line code.
I just realized I didn't completely answer this. I plan to identify the merge records as the result of an in-db author/title fuzzy match, similar to what you've done in the gui. For a more standard tool, I was thinking something along the lines of calibredb merge targetid currid1 currid2 etc. This could then be passed the ID sets from a parsed calibredb list -s, using the logic from my previous post.
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