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Originally Posted by Joshseadog View Post
Hi Yakuzaboss, Just to clarify the Oberon 600 cover will fit the 650 perfectly. If so I think I may just pull the trigger on one.
I'm using Velcro as opposed to the corner straps. The 650 will definitely be loose inside the straps. That's why I opted for the Velcro. To me it looks alot 'cleaner' in the cover. Some people might not like the idea of sticking Velcro to the back of their reader but I found a simple way around that. I applied electrical tape on the back of the 650 and then put the Velcro on the tape. The tape will come off easy and clean if I ever want to change covers or any other reason.

Another member posted pics of their 650 in an Oberon small journal cover using Velcro. From the pics, looks like a nice fit. With the 600 cover, there will be a space of about 1/4 inches around the reader. That I don't mind as it acts like a bumper if I ever drop it.
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