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bowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughty
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c'mon, you guys, you gotta keep up with the speculation.

brad stone's latest spin (er, i mean "article") in the n.y. times
"reported" that "according to someone who has seen the kindle"
-- see, more spin, i talked to someone who has _seen_ it, so it
_must_ be real, because they wouldn't lie to me, would they? --
it's using the sprint network.

and, um, no, i don't know what that means in regard to europe.

but, hey, as long as it's just "speculation", i don't have to know!

and you guys do remember how i said it's gonna have that e-ink
you can just fold up and put in your pocket, don't you? :+)

this speculation stuff is fun. i don't know why i was such a
stick-in-the-mud earlier about the "facts". facts are boring.
i was wrong, you were right, this is _much_ more enjoyable.

don't buy the sony-reader, folks! who would want a heavy, hard,
_stiff_ machine anyway? you should wait for the foldable kindle!

oh, i gots me a _great_ idea: we will call it the spindle-kindle!

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