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Originally Posted by Calibreuser View Post
I have some books named like so
Lauthor, Fauthor - series ##- title.ext
Grant, Maxwell - The Shadow 331 - Mark Of The Shadow(b).txt

My best so far is (?P<author>.+) - (?P<series>.+) - (?P<title>[^_]+)

but now the series index is part of series

what is series index Var. name?
and how do I change title section to drop crap at end like (b)
I can rename as needed in most cases
This should solve for "author(s) - title" and "author(s) - series # - title" as well as get rid of anything in ()'s at the end of the title.

Originally Posted by Calibreuser View Post
can anyone help me author, series, index, and title out of this

Grant, Maxwell - [The Shadow 331] - Mark Of The Shadow(b).txt
edit: Just noticed the 2nd example had the series in []'s. If that's the case, here it is slightly modified to support optional []'s around the series.


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