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Originally Posted by bran View Post
Thanks for the tip!

I'll be testing ext2 very soon! Hmm, dows anyone know if using jffs2 on a SD card has advantages. Formatting that way should not be a problem and might make SD cards more durable?

TIA Bran
I've done the test.

bought an 8GB microsd and formatted is with ext2. mounted both cards on my debian sid box and copied from vfat to ext2.

Inserted ext2 card into dr800s and switched it on. Works like a charm. The dr800 seems more responsive now. Reindexing is much faster. I'm still wondering about the jffs2 on a microsd and if that would help.

Maybe this would even work for windows users as mounting via usb is just a mount and the usb layer emulates scsi protocol and the dr800s can mount. I haven't tested that though as my laptop is linux only.

Maybe someone with access to windows and linux could try this.

Regards Bran
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