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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
doing that with sending to device causes major problems because different devices have different levels on filesystem unicode support (it depends on the file system and the kernel). Why do you care about filenames on the device in any case? the Kindle lists the books by their metadata not their filenames (except PDF)
Thanks for your explanation.

I don't care filenames if Kindle lists the books by their metadata. Since, I read a lot of pdf and txt files on my Kindle, and it seems that Kindle ignore the metadata of a txt files too.

PS. Because a Pinyin word could stands for a lots of Chinese Characters, it is difficult for Chinese to read a book in Pinyin filename.

For instance, the Pinyin book name "Wei Cheng" might stands for "围城 未成 卫城 渭城 伟成 危城 伪称 维城 ...".
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