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Calibre Saved My Cracked Screen Sony--Sort Of

I bought my PRS-505 over a year ago, love it. The screen recently cracked in the luggage coming back from a trip (the cover was of no help). The top half of the screen is now worthless, but I noticed the bottom half was unaffected. Installing a replacement screen from Sony seems to be the price of a new Kindle. I was going to sell it for scrap on ebay when it I remembered that Calibre has detailed margin settings for ebook coversions. So...

After messing around I found that a 150 pt top margin (0 margins on the side and bottom) converting to epub, with no other setting changes, gives me an entirely legible half-page read in small font. Of course I have to flip pages twice as often but oh well. I get the exact same number of lines (15) as I do on my Palm T3, so I am used to it. Another benefit is that I can use a portable reading light at the top and point it right at the text without any glare issue--the glare is on the worthless top half.

Thought this tip might come in handy for those with partially-busted screens who don't want to rebuy (at least until Qi screen readers come out). Figure out where your most remaining screen real estate lies and format to that area.
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