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PDF Viewing in Kindle DX vs. DXG

Hello all,

So here's my situation. I am currently a Nook owner. I bought it with the intent to digitize my school books and put them on it to save my back from future pain.

However, I have yet to find a suitable OCR software and am basically stuck with my books in PDF. While I love my Nook, the screen real estate is just too small to view my textbooks, and while I've rooted it and installed the PDF viewer which allows me to zoom, the zooming is just not great (i.e. having to "turn" pages every line because of the amount of zoom needed to be readable).

So, I'm looking at getting a Kindle DX for the needed screen real estate. My question is which should I get, the DX or the new DXG?

To help narrow the choice, I need to know if an update has added zoom capabilities to the original DX (I would like to be able to zoom if needed)?

Does the increase in refresh rate of the DXG make it worth the extra cost (as compared to a used DX)?

Basically, for those who have used both the DX and the DXG, is it worth paying the extra $100 for the DXG?

Thanks ahead of time!
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