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Device: Ebookman 900
G'day fellow portable computerized reading device aficionados.
I had an Ebookman a few years ago and it was cool. I recently bought another Ebookman 900, but when I try to syncronize the operating system and data to the unit, a box appears reading 'contacting' and then it comes up in error. From what I have read here the authority webpage had been down for over a month. I wonder if anyone can advise me how to bypass this stage, as without it the unit is merely a rather expensive paperweight, and I have no need for applying weight to my papers, the need for which this technology is supposed to supersede.
Another post mentioned sending the "PMs" to other users with the same problem, so I Googled PMs... but the results were more concerned with female plumbing.
Thankyou, sorry, thanks.
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