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Originally Posted by ChaoZ View Post
I especially doubt these "costs" compare to that of prepress, printing, physical warehousing, transport logistics, returns etc. What the hell is digital warehousing anyway? 500 kilobytes on a server rack somewhere?
Yep. And if you sell your book through a storefront like amazon, barnes and noble, etc, they take care of all that stuff for you. That's what their cut is for.

It's just all BS, and it's going to kill the publishing houses. They're freaking out flailing around trying to protect themselves and doing exactly the wrong thing.

It's analagous to the music industry and MP3s, but even more so. A MP3 file is 5-6MB for a couple minutes of music. You may listen to that song dozens or hundreds of times over the years. It has ongoing utility. A book is 500KB, and you're likely to read it once. Books are both tiny and incredibly consumable.

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