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Conversion to mobe indents all lines approximately 1/6 across the screen

Hey there, first thanks for the great software, very easy to use and learn! I seem to be having one small issue however when converting files for use with my Kindle 3, using version 7.19

For the most part I haven't had any issues converting files, approximately 5 or 6 other books which I've converted from various formats (html, epub, lit) have worked fine. For two books however, I have had issues after conversion where the reader indents every line to about 1/6 of the way across the screen. It doesn't seem to be a line break issue as changing the text size scaled everything properly, it just is all indented, and thus losing screen space.

I haven't changed any values in the preferences away from default so I'm not really sure what the problem is. One of the books is in ePUB format, the other was an html format. This indentation problem seems to be present in the ebook reader within caliber as well, as seen in the screenshow below.

Any help is appreciated. I tried searching but had no luck, so sorry if this has been covered before.

Original ePUB in reader:

Converted mobi file in reader:

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