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Acessing the pen.

I am an English High School teacher (hence not much spare money) living in Australia (hence no Readers to even look at). Admittedly the Sony hits the price target, however, the Iliad has some inspiring virtues.

I would like to asses the pen tool, as best I can, via file examples.

Especially, how fine the line can be made, how clear normal handwriting is rendered, especially at speed.

I would also like, some frank assessment from users about how they find the pen to use for writing - or is it really just a note tool (a few words).

If the latter, that is fine, short notes are important to, but could someone write 1000 word essay with the Iliad, or would this be too awkward?

The reader would be slippery compared to the natural resistance of paper, but perhaps this is something the user adapts to?

The Wifi interface is of course also very useful in the context. Students, lose just about everything, and assessing their writing on a lesson to lesson basis can be troublesome, but having their work sent via WIfi simplifies everything from correction to marking.

Handwriting, believe it or not, is critical to teaching writing, combined with easy erasing and perhaps paragraph sheets that can be rearranged - it is I must admit an English Teacher's dream. The fact that it is not game interactive is a blessing, that the student's textbooks can also be on it, well in combination that makes it perfect.

However, it all depends on the pen. Iliad stands even if the pen is not suitable for anything more than short notes, but it would be nice if it could do more.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia
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