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Help me pimp jkOnTheRun

Vote for jkOnTheRun for best independent tech blog!!!

A few weeks ago a tech news web site, TechWeb, announced a contest open to choose the Best Independent Tech Blog. The contest is called the First Annual TechWeb Network Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards (short name, isn't it?) I posted a call on my tech blog, jkOnTheRun, for readers to go to the TechWeb site and nominate jkOTR. It was all done as a lark and I thought it would be funny if a few people actually nominated my blog for the contest. I thought it would be funny if the TechWeb people said "who the heck is that?" The nomination period ran for a few weeks with the top ten nominated blogs to appear as finalists. The round of voting for the best blog out of the top ten is then done at the same TechWeb site starting November 1. Voting continues until November 15 at which time the top independent tech blog will be announced by TechWeb.

Much to my surprise jkOnTheRun made it into the top ten and I thank everyone who nominated the site! Now it gets serious as the voting has begun so I'm asking everyone to visit my blog and if you think it's good enough to vote for jkOTR in the TechWeb contest. Heck, truth be told I'd be happy with your vote even if you've never HEARD of my blog.

Please help me pimp my blog in the contest and help me knock off Slashdot, who also appeared (not surprisingly) in the top ten. Thank you for your support. :-D

Vote for jkOnTheRun for best independent tech blog!!!
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