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BUYaDROID-- new user from Canada with a small shop !

Hey all.
Not sure where to post this, and rules don't forbid such announcements. So... here's my little shop --> BUYaDROID

I'm James from Canada. I used to use this site when on my eReader. Well, after some time away, I got into Android MIDs !

Unfortunately, I got a little scammed my first time buying and since noticed the Android Market is the Wild Wild West.... of the East.

So, I decide to partner up with a great supplier, worked out a Firm Warranty, got usually Great Prices, Include Fedex Tracked Shipping, and only carry models proven in the forums (unless some folks want to experiment with one, so I'll list with a Note that I know nothing about it)

I just want to prove the Experience I wish I had the first time out.
Everything is up front.

BUYaDROID is the name.
I'm in Canada, everything is shipped FEDEX Direct from the Supplier in China.
I am in DAILY contact with the supplier and don't post anything until the specs are tested on the device. I try to post actual photos of that proof too.

I'm no Android whiz and defer to the wisdom of the forums for anything technical (grin.)

Anyway.... you can check me out here:

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