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Reader for Mountain Climber

I'm a mountain climber. We work at altitude in the snow and ice, in bright light and dim, in sub-freezing temperatures, with no electricity.

I need to minimize my boredom when we get snowed in at high camp for a few days, but I also need to minimize weight that I'm carrying up the mountain. I love to read and I read very quickly. I could go through 6 or 7 books on a 3 week expedition, but I don't want to carry the weight and bulk of 6 or 7 books. Nor do I want to carry the weight of a lot of extra batteries.

I think a digital reader would be a good investment, but I need one that uses lithium batteries (operate at low temperatures) that can be recharged with a solar charger or one that batteries can be replaced. I'm less concerned with picking the lightest reader out there, they only vary by a few ounces; but I am concerned with how many replacement batteries I'd need to carry, how the batteries operate at low temperatures, how long the batteries last, and how good the backlighting is.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a product that would be good for me to look at?
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