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bowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughty
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natch said:
> Your points are being lost in the heat of your rhetoric.

there's no "heat" in my "rhetoric". i'm cool as a cucumber.

goodness gracious, i've been reading about the kindle for
_over_a_year_ now, here on mobileread, and on teleread,
and all over the place. i'm bored _silly_ with it by now...

and it hasn't even been officially _announced_ yet!

if i _did_ have passion for it (did you see its picture?),
that ejaculation was premature a _very_ long time ago.

there's absolutely no heat there, not for me anyway, so
even when amazon _does_ get around to announcing it,
and selling it a few months after that, i won't be able to
work up any desire for it, let alone waiting for upgrades
to where i'll believe it's a worthy machine _years_ later,
and moving enough units to drop the price to something
i consider to be "reasonable" a few years after _that_...

again, there's more than enough _reality_ here right now.

so why constantly distract people with a "next month" that
won't _actually_ arrive for another 6 months, or in 2 years?
if then?

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