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Sending books from Calibre to my nook?

Reading a recent thread (Calibre and Amazon Free WiFi) seems to say that Kindle owners can receive books (periodicals) wirelessly when emailed from Calibre to their "" address (not sure I understand what that is since I have a nook not a kindle)

Am I misinterpreting what this thread says? Is it possible to use Calibre to send an ebook to my (or my wife's) nook wirelessly through B&N?

Calibre and Amazon Free WiFi
There may another way to do this but that's the way I go.

EDIT: There is another (better way) just have Calibre email the periodical to your address (not the address). As long as you take receipt via wifi, you shouldn't be charged. I just tired it and no charge appeared. If you accept delivery via 3G Whispernet, you'll have to pay 15 cents per MB.

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