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it's a strange definition of "polite" that lets one person accuse amazon of
engaging in "disinformation", but calls _me_ out for making the entirely
straightforward observation amazon has never said a word about "the kindle".

not. one. single. word.

think. about. that.

we're not talking about "opinions" here. it is a fact the kindle was not released.

is it an "attack" to point out when someone engages in rumors and speculation?
is it an "attack" to point out when those rumors spectacularly _fail_ to pan out?

egg, all over someone's face. and do they even say, "oops, sorry about that..."?

no, they point the finger of accusation elsewhere, as if _they_ were the party
who was duped instead of the _duping_agent_, and spin out the _very_same_
rumor, just moving the date 8-10 weeks into the future, just coincidentally the
_exact_same_ 8-10 weeks into the future their rumor had the last time around.

are they gonna keep regenerating this rumor until it "comes true"?

well, if the past is any guide, _probably_.

and nobody seems to notice that their crystal ball is very-badly cracked.

look, if there's zero commitment to _truth_ on these boards, then fine...
just let me know, and i will leave, and they'll be safe for tripe and hype...

but don't accuse me of making "personal attacks". that's entirely unjustified.

i don't have any issues with any people here. i have issues with the _lies_ that
are being bandied about carelessly under the banner of "speculation and opinion",
and the real damage that those lies are doing to the cause of electronic-books...

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