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bowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughtybowerbird has been very, very naughty
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so, i read this on the teleblawg:
> Might Amazon even be engaged in a deliberate misinformation campaign
> designed to stretch the hype out, as some are speculating?

and i'm thinking, geez, here we are, on the first of november, with no kindle,
and the rumor-mongers and speculators have egg _all_ over their faces, so
surely they'd be too embarrassed to say anything for at least a _little_ while.
but no sir, instead they're just setting off yet _another_ round of gossip...

and i come over here, and find out that it's _robert_nagel_ who is the _source_
-- the "some" of the "some are speculating" -- for rothman's continued spinning.
the same robert nagel who _also_ writes for teleread.

so the echo-chamber is getting more and more insular.

and now it's started to turn on _amazon_, making _accusations_ that it is
engaging in "disinformation", accusations that are monumentally _silly_...

here's a reminder: amazon has said _absolutely_nothing_ about the kindle.

unless you count the spokesperson, who -- when asked about it by someone --
said "we don't comment on rumors and speculation".

got that, folks? "rumors and speculation".

and who's generating all the "rumors and speculation"? look in the mirror.

and then, when your "rumors and speculation" don't pan out -- imagine that! --
you actually have the cajones to accuse amazon of doing "disinformation"...

_you_ are the people doing the "disinformation".

and you're making amazon look bad, because their "product" -- which, again,
they haven't even officially _announced_, not in any regard, not even once,
let alone subjected to a _timeframe_ of any sort at all -- has been "delayed".

and your latest round of rumors has them putting out a product "at year-end",
a high-end niche gadget right _after_the_biggest_retailing_season_ of the year.
yeah, i'm sure of it. get real. the suggestion is just laughable on its face.

you're being _irresponsible_ in the extreme.

please, just _stop_ the rumor-mongering. don't say another thing about "the kindle"
-- not one! -- until you can relay something that _amazon_itself_ has to say about it.

because there is entirely too much egg on your face already.

and it's there because of what _you_ did, not because of what anyone else did...

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