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Originally Posted by JeremyR View Post
Are you breaking up the chapters into separate files (within Sigil)? (You hit CTRL-Enter after a chapter ends)

I think that's the key to getting the chapter marks when they convert. At least that's what I do and I get those marks.
That's exactly what I thought the problem was when I had it as one big file, so I did this and while I greatly improved the formatting there are still no marks.

Originally Posted by ATDrake View Post
The key is to have a fully-filled out NCX file properly referenced in the OPF. Without that, there can be no chapter marks, which you can direct at various points within a single file, if you prefer, rather than splitting your chapters up into separate files.

The more direct way is to do your markup/assembly by hand/with text editor and command-line tools. As far as the NCX goes, this can be kind of tedious, but I like to fine tune mine, so I have a cut and paste template which I fill out) or with whatever suitable ePub-creating tool you like.

One warning: if you create nested navpoints, only the first level of them will seem to show up on the Kindle, but the rest will apparently be there, but inaccessible until you navigate to where one of them should be, and then flick the controller back and forth. They'll still be invisible though, which can be very frustrating.

Hope this helps, and welcome to MobileRead!
Wow, thanks for your answer! Seeing as how I'm a cherry I'm going to have to read a LOT more to figure out what you just said.
This is definitely what I've been looking for.. What epub creating tool do you use?

Thanks for the welcome, it's nice to find some fellow literate people out here

Originally Posted by PhillipA82 View Post
Congrats on your new Kindle!
Thanks! I hope I continue being this motivated to read. Being able to travel with books is key
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