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If anyone has the device the best way to view youtube is this. Go to Velocity's support site. You can bypass registering. In the knowledge section is a topic about their YouTube app. They explain how to get the replacement as the one on the device originally doesn't work correctly. Once installed use the browser to navigate YouTube like normal. When you click to play a video it will ask you to pick a program to play it. Select the youtube app form the list and it should. As long as not to many things are running in the background. Getting a video through the app directly doesn't seem to work to well.

Thought I'd say this as I can see this being a problem for those wanting to use the device this way. Getting youtube to work was the most annoying thing for me so far. However once I figured out what to do I'm good now. This way allows you to play what you want when you want while the other app I listed in the other post makes you scroll through videos and no way to really filter them. If you have the other installed you can pick it from the list as well and use it to download the youtube video instead though.

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