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I've seen some those post. One of the key things for me is that it's said the Cruz weighs more and physically feels more solid. While they might be the same they're still significantly less than an iPad. Also to get the interface like the Cruz's (which allows more freedom to install things) requires some messing with the software which honestly I have no desire to do even though I could. Doing so wrongly I believe could brick your PD.

I didn't know about the PD until after I picked up a Cruz but see no reason to return it now to be honest. Reading is great so far from the apps (glare from light can be annoying at times) and having a decent browsing experience is nice. Everything else is extra. It would take some effort to alter the PD and paying a bit more to not have to do that might be worth the higher price to many others I think.

Really the internals isn't the only thing at play here I think. That outlook I think is being missed in some of the post I've read.

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