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Wow! Thanks for all the great examples, they are greatly appreciated. I've learned quite a bit just seeing some examples (I haven't done html since before CSS and didn't know anything about it) It gives me a great starting point for my own (currently evolving) stylesheet. I was surprised how many didn't use the standard <p> and just modify off that with <p.noindent>/<p.italic>/etc., the idea of inheritance is appealing to me. It also seems most don't use the standard <h1/2/3/4> for easy TOC in Sigil.

I am not surprised there are lots of different opinions on how the book should look But as @schlonz says I was looking for a standard look, something close to a book. My iPhone has a relatively small screen and the excessive margins, line spacing, font size changes, etc. just mean I fit less on the screen at a time and need to flip pages excessively. If I had a larger device then I would be much more interested in an expressive look. Since my (and most I would hope) device allows a global text size change I am very interested in what relative font sizes people use.

Originally Posted by charleski
All formatting is done in the css - I strip out line-spacing garbage (trailing <br/>s and empty p or div tags) using regexes.
I was wondering about this exact thing... If everything is in the stylesheet then it's easier for someone else to quickly change the look of the document and was the direction I started to take. Again, I'm sure there are different opinions about external/internal/inline but I like having it in just one place.

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