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Originally Posted by ldolse View Post
In the conversion options go to Structure detection, there is a text box to place regexes for headers/footers, as well as a preview function so you can write the regex and see where it matches in the file itself.
The correct area of Calibre looks like this:

Make sure to check the box for Remove Header. You needn't bother with the Remove Footer. I have found that it doesn't really work. The Remove Header area can be used to remove both headers and footers. When the program is searching the strings that match your regex it makes no distinction between where that string is physically located. If you tap the magic wand lookin' thingie to the right, then you get a preview of the text with all the html tags in place and you can put your regex string in the area provided at the top of the preview window to test if the string will flag for removal the items you really want to remove. Don't get frustrated. This is a trial and error process when there are variable strings, and you may need to do the process more than once if there are different kinds of strings that you want gone.

EDIT ~ And on a side note: Quite often the removal of a header or footer will cause inappropriate paragraph breaks because though the string of the header or footer has been removed, if you don't also remove the html tags that surround that header/footer, this may well cause paragraph breaks or extra carriage returns. If you are a picky bugger like me, then you will want to take those tags into account when you are creating the strings of regex to make go bye-bye the things you want gone.

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