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I love my Sony Reader, but I hate Sony (software question)...

I bought an e-reader (Sony PRS-505) about two years ago. I've bought probably 30 books through Sony's online store. I used to be able to read the books on my computer when I didn't have my e-reader with me.

A couple of months ago, I went to view one of my books on my computer and I got a message saying that my computer wasn't authorized to view the content. The message said to click ok to learn more, which I did.

When I clicked ok, I got a message that explained that Sony had gone with ePub format... bla bla bla. The gist was that I had to authorize my device (i.e., my laptop) to view the selected material.

I then signed into my account and when to the manage devices screen. On that screen I had two computers authorized and one device. The computers were only identified generically so I'm not sure which computers they were. Only one had a deactive button next to it, so I clicked that button. That took me to a screen that said I was logged out of my account, with no mention of whether the computer had been deactivated.

When I log back in, I got back to the managing devices screen and both computers are shown, so apparently the computer was not deactivated.

I'm assuming that I've reached my limit (2 computers and 1 device) and that's why I can't view the material on my laptop. I thought that I had previously authorized my laptop but I could be wrong. It did buy the laptop last October and both computers listed were authorized since that time. IN any case, I'm not sure which computers are authorized but I'm assuming it's my office computer and, perhaps the other is my old laptop.

So my question is what do I do to authorize my laptop. The one computer does not have a deauthirze button next to it... the other does, but when I click on it, it apparently does nothing.

Can someone please help before I sell my Sony and buy a new Kindle. I love the device but Sony's software is so bad I can barely stand it.


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