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You can also load the Kindle for Android app on it as well if you can find a copy of the .apk file and put on the device. It's suppose to install normally. I wish Amazon would just let you download the file directly from their site. However searching the internet one should be able to find it I'm told.

Picked one (Cruz Reader) up last night after work. Pretty nice so far. Was talking with some of the workers in Borders when I got it and they all seemed to really like it. They had just gotten the devices in yesterday so they were still testing one out and got to handle their test unit before I bought mine. I've only had a limited experience with an Android phone but I looked right away for the app called Task Manager which seems to be the thing to install on all Android devices as the OS doesn't see to fully quit out of applications but has them running in the background taking up ram.

There is a market called SlideMe at that has a lot of apps. There is a youtube app in SlideMe that allows you to view videos on Youtube. Can't other wise since there is no Flash on the device due to it running Android 2.0 and Flash was added with 2.2 I believe. The app lets you download the files in great quality it seems but and lets you stream them in a lower quality. Same for the AndAppStore which can be gotten from the Cruz Market itself. So far I have the Borders app on the device and Aldiko which is nice. Going to be looking for the Kindle for Android file tonight on some forums. If I can find it think I'll be keeping the device. It's more tablet then ereader which is interesting. I still have a Kindle 1 and really wanted something else instead of just buying another Kindle and the iPad is just way to expensive.

It's annoying though that the screen only rotates when you turn the device to the right 90 degrees from the normal vertical position. Have to go back the opposite direction. Won't rotate if you turn it left from the starting position. Took me a while to figure that out.

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