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oh, well, if it was _technology_kinks_ that caused this "delay",
it's totally understandable. after all, who could predict those?

c'mon folks, wise up. i was saying way back in the _spring_
that if this machine wasn't fully announced by mid-summer,
then it wouldn't be out until next year, because that's when
the big buyers make purchases for year-end holiday-season.

that's why jobs announced in _january_ that the iphone would
be available starting in _june_, because that's how it all works.

and i'll tell you right now it won't be released "at year-end",
because it's suicide to release something new into a season
when all the other products have been in the pipe for months.

look for an _announcement_ next spring, _release_ in summer,
with the consequent "glowing press releases about its reception"
in the fall so it's a "must-have" gift for year-end 2008 holidays.

assuming that d.r.m. hassles don't derail everything right away.

that's what i say, anyway. anyone want to bet against me?

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