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hmmm, i'm also going to take this with a grain of salt.
I mean firstly since unlike sony, amazon has no manufacturing ability, they must have a OEM producing the device.
Therefore if the intial design isn't 'complete' then there will be no manufacturing run of the device yet.
Now this may not be dramatic if for instance you aimed to sell only a few thousand devices, but with amazons user base in the many millions they surely must have to target production figures into the hundred of thousands rather than the low 10's of thousands that sony did.
I mean for instance just how many would be sold once they launch it on the front page of amazon in comparison with the launching on the front page of the sony connect store(who goes to sony connect store for anything?)
I would surely have thought there's got to be atleast a 2 month lead time from prototype sign off to significant completion of production run.
I mean we've had absolutely no evidence of the devices existence i.e. packaging shots, PVI manufacturing statements, or sly leaks of final products rather than the FCC images.

Or of cause maybe i'm wrong and some of you may point out the flaws in my reasoning
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