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How to turn off notifications (Mac)

Good day all.

I am quite sure the information I seek is out there somewhere. I have spent the last hour playing with Calibre, reading the documentation and searching Google but I just can't seem to find a solution to my minor annoyance.

When I plug in my Kindle to Calibre, it automatically downloads my favorite sources and puts them on my Kindle. THIS IS AWESOME.

What I find annoying though is each time a source is downloaded I get a notification on my screen. I get another notification when it is sent to my Kindle.

This would be great if the notifications showed up for 2-3 seconds and went away. However the notifications remain there and before long my entire screen is covered with notifications.

Does anyone know how I can force the notifications to last a maximum of 3-5 seconds? Failing that, anyone know how to disable them altogether?

Thank you for your help!

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