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Originally Posted by eGeezer View Post
Thanks for taking the time to clarify. This will be handy info for someone buying a Sony.

Now. About the Library book non-transferable thing.

You did so well explaining your other process, perhaps if you type slowly, you can clarify my misunderstanding on this for me, too. Often what a person says comes thru past-experience filters into another's head as something totally different, so let me ask it this way:

Are you saying that if you have downloaded a book from the library onto your PC and dropped it onto one authorized ereader, you can't then connect a second authorized ereader and drop it onto that one, too?

Are you also unable to go into the library account with the other PC and download it for the other reader? I know the books are available to be re-downloaded in the cart right up til the due date. Fact of the matter, I just checked and am reminded that four of the books I have out are due today. But I would be able to download them again, if I needed to (since as long as I don't connect the reader to ADE, I get to finish the two I haven't read, yet, beyond the due date).

I am curious because one of these days I'm gonna buy a second reader so my wife can get library books -- which she can't do yet with her iPad -- and I would have thought one could load a borrowed book on two readers authorized for the same ADE.
What I tried was connecting my Sony Reader to my laptop and then dragging the file onto my reader over the house network.

I haven't tried just connecting my reader to her laptop and using ADE to transfer it - primarily because the books she's getting from the library at the moment aren't ones I'm interested in

I'll be happy to try a little experiment to see if it works when she gets another book out in a few days.

@Dale - the Manchester library service doesn't allow early check-in but it does allow you to select from 7, 14, or 21 day lending so if you know it's going to be the next book you read and you read quickly then you can choose accordingly.

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