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schlonz began at the beginning.
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If that is all you want,?
Html with NO (aka default) style. Every document will look the same(ish) AND UGLY, to boot
You just opened my eyes.

Over 40 Years of reading all the time i thought that the Story of a book is that what matters. Now, finaly after all that lost time you told me that it's the look of the book that's all about.

OMG what have i done.

Now, for real, i think you take this to serious.

Maybe it's because of my age, but i have no problem with

the mono-spaced font
But now something diffrent.
When i startet playing around with computers 30 years ago, there were no alternatives. I played a lot of Computergames in the last 30 Years and what i realy learned in my excessive gamingnights is the the look of a game is of absolutly no interrest FOR ME. The only thing that matters is the Story thats being told.
Maybe (in your eyes) thats wrong, but its my Opinion. I'm not trying to tell you that your "EVERY BOOK NEEDS HIS ONE STYLE" Way is wrong. So dont tell me that mine is not right.

Sometimes i read for about 4 houres in one without making anything else. I get totaly lost in the Story of the book (if it's a good one) and with the first word i read a movie is starting in my head and i do not realize what's going on around me. And if you ask me after reading, how many pages i read or what the book looks like, i can not say, because the only thing i see is the movie in my head.

Finaly, i dont know if i do somthing wrong ( and in my 1. Post i only gave an example of my Stylsheet and did NOT start a discussion about the way a book should look) but for me, the only thing that matters about a book, is the Story that it told's.

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