Thread: PRS-650 Confused: Vizplex or Pearl?
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Originally Posted by pikelet View Post
I'm in Brisbane. My 650 says that on the about page too.

But when I compare my 650 side by side with the 300, the 650 screen is much better: the text appears darker. Images have much better clarity. The contrast is better. So I'm assuming it's a Pearl screen and they just forgot to update the About page.
It is possible that a) they forgot to update the about page but b) more likely that 'pearl' is just a catchphrase and not trademarked like 'vizplex'. If that is the case then I am very impressed by the reader (page turns, build quality, touchscreen and various functions and options) but not so impressed by pearl. The blacks are definately blacker but the white is almost identical to the 'vizplex' white of my 2 year old Hanlin V3.

Many thanks for your quick and incisive replies. I will keep you all updated as to what Sony says at any rate.
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